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Our website is intended for information purposes only. Calling up information on our website or contacting us by e-mail does not constitute a client-lawyer relationship.


We are happy to communicate with you by e-mail.

We point out, however, that privacy is not assured for any inquiries and messages you send to us by e-mail! The same is true when we reply to you by e-mail. E-mails – in principle and usually fast, reliable and inexpensive - are forwarded through a number of computers. The risk of unauthorized intercepting, storing, analyzing or altering of messages by third parties is therefore high.

If you do contact us by e-mail, we assume that you are aware of the privacy risks involved and of the possibilities third parties have to manipulate the message. Unless you explicitly instruct us otherwise, we will also assume that we may e-mail confidential data to you as well. In any case, we explicitly refuse to accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever in case of misuse or abuse by third parties!

Technical problems can interrupt or hinder the reception of e-mails. We also refuse any responsibility or liability in such cases. We therefore recommend that you send any critical messages with regard to time or content to us by regular mail or by courier. Of course, we are also happy to discuss your business with you on the phone.


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